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Infoblox will offer various Cloud Services over time. Today, we offer the ActiveTrust® product suite. ActiveTrust® Suite proactively protects devices everywhere: on premise, roaming and in remote office/branch office from cyberattacks. The solution automatically stops device communications with C&Cs/botnets and prevents DNS based data exfiltration. It collects curated threat intelligence data and distributes the verified data to existing security infrastructure to remediate threats and prevent future attacks.

The products include:

To learn about these offerings, visit: https://www.infoblox.com/products/activetrust/

or https://www.infoblox.com/products/activetrust-cloud/

From this Cloud Services portal, administrators can manage their ActiveTrust subscription and users, set policy, manage threat intelligence data feeds, and use a threat lookup tool for clear and actionable data on threat indicators.

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